Computer Glasses With Blue Light Protection – Review

Important Information to Protect Your Health

This Coronavirus pandemic is no joke! More and more people are shuttered inside their homes. Everyone is like … “Oh my God! I cannot take it… When is this going to end?” I know this is a difficult time, and I do not intend to start another panic, but I learned something very important this week. This is something that has a simple solution, but you will need to take some action to mitigate any further damage to your health. I am going to show why you must have computer glasses with blue light protection!

My Blue Light Back Story  

I have been spending many hours typing on a computer keyboard… watching letters appear on a screen. Sometimes they are adding up quickly, and other times? Well, I just find myself staring at the screen, waiting for the inspiration to flow.

You too?

Indeed. Thank God for the internet during this challenging time!

Then I stop for a few, because I need to stretch my fingers a bit. It is time to scroll through my Facebook feed for some inspiration.

Russell Brunson again? Seriously, it is like every other post. He is just killing it according to my news feed!

Once I have caught up with friends and family, and feeling inspired …. It is time to check out the news and see how people are social distancing.

Hey! That’s interesting. A couple in Michigan held their wedding with cardboard cutouts.

Novel idea. Is this going to be the new normal?

Please say it is not so! I love wedding cake.

My Blue Light Symptoms

Anyway… the point is…  I am doing all this blue light viewing on some type of LED screen. Hours and hours of watching without me having any regard for the effect it was having on the eyes, or my circadian rhythm (sleep patterns : )

Here is the thing. Let me back up a minute.

Some time ago, I did something most people are guilty of. I bought something that would help me solve a problem, and then I put it aside and forgot about it.

Have you ever done that?

I just had to digress for a moment …. Back to the present.

After days… maybe weeks? I lost track of time being inside, hunkered down, staring at all these screens, and I started to notice something happening.

I was not able to sleep! I mean, wide awake…cannot get to sleep! Like night becomes day, and day is like well…another day to grind it out.

I found myself more off than usual. Difficulty focusing, eyes were irritated, and just really tired…. A Lot!

My Blue Light Solution

My wife asked me a simple question that I should have thought of myself.

“Are you using the computer glasses with blue light protection you bought?

Uh…No Love… No, I am not…

Feeling a little irritated …. (there they were…just sitting there where I left them months ago.)
… I decided to start wearing them right away…. and feeling the difference … Thank you!

Then as I thought about it.

I realized there was probably a whole world of people doing the same thing as me, and this would be a great way to warn them, and help provide a solution for whoever might be suffering the same effects as me.

So, here we are.

Now, I am going to show you three things.

  • What this blue light hazard is all about
  • Why you need computer glasses with blue light protection
  • How you can get them ordered today.

What is Good and Bad Blue Light

First of all, blue light is not really bad for you.

Huh? But you just said?… I’m Confused~!

Here is the skinny on blue light. It is all around us, and is actually necessary for our well-being. Blue light is emitted from the sun, and as a natural source, provides good health benefits.

When we can be outdoors, and not having to stay locked up inside our homes.

I do not mean to confuse anyone, but the proper dose of natural blue light
actually provides positive benefits.

  • Helps keep us focused and alert
  • Keeps us in an uplifted mood
  • Regulates circadian rhythm (Sleep patterns)

You have heard about too much of a good thing is bad for you right?

Well, same principle applies here too.

Artificial ingredients are not really good for our bodies. Blue light is no different. We have become overdosed with artificial blue light, and we need to become aware of how damaging the effects can be.

So, think about it like this.

Our bodies produce a natural relaxer called melatonin. Now when we have the proper natural doses of blue light, and the daylight hours are ending, our bodies will send this melatonin out to say…

” Hey… It is time to go to sleep.” Or something like that. Use your own imagination.

Now here is the problem!

When we have too much blue light …. (From the many artificial blue light sources like …. computer, phone, television screens etc.) … the blue light actually starts to work against us, and blocks the melatonin message.

Look… I am just putting it into some simple language.

Scientists are probably going to cringe with my rudimentary explanations right now.

Hey! Give me a break. I am just trying to help some people become more aware about a problem that could be affecting them right now, and they may not have a clue as to why they feel the way they do.

Until Right now.  You are welcome.

Big word rudimentary? That was just for credibility with the scientists.

Think of it this way.

You eat too much cake and you start to feel sick… was it just the cake? Probably not … it was just that you ate too much cake.

So now you see how too much blue light from artificial sources can be harmful to your body.  You may even be feeling off right now like I was.

If you are … Leave me a comment below.

Now Make an Informed Choice

So, there you have it.

All the information you need to make an informed decision about protecting yourself from too much artificial blue light.

Except ……

The solution I promised to share with you.

Before I show you our recommendations though… check out this quick Blue Light Test 

Look, you do not have to get them from me, but I have gone ahead and found the best options for you already.

So, I am really just saving you some time.

Believe me, there are so many computer glasses with blue light protection available… my head was spinning…so I asked my wife to finish the researching.

Here below –  she came up with the three best recommendations for you, and with Prime shipping, you can hopefully get them quickly in spite of the Amazon delays.

Computer Glasses with Blue Light Protection

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28 thoughts on “Computer Glasses With Blue Light Protection – Review

  1. This is really nice to be honest. I too have been spending so much time at the front of the computer for quite some time now but I have not considered what it might be doing to my eyes at this time but seeing your list now I understand that j need to do something. You have also pointed out the reasons why I need to get one of these. I will order it for myself since we do not know where the pandemic will be over. Thanks you

    • Hello Riley.  Thank you so much…I really appreciate your comments and the excellent points you made.  That is exactly why I decided to present this post in the way that I did it… because we really do not know how long this viral storm is going to last…and we know it will be at least another month or longer before we start to see a shift … and that is really going to be a lot of extra hours of overexposure to artificial blue light… better to get a pair and test it out…. and that is another cool feature of the glasses… there is a test with a light that gives real proof of what is going on and if the glasses work.. i am going to find that video and embed it for people to see.  Thank you for the reminder..

  2. Hi Patrick!

    I really like your post, it was very entertaining and so captivating. You really have a unique way of keeping readers interested. I did not know that I needed computer glasses with blue light but now I know how helpful this combination can be. So, big thanks to you!

    I am sure that next time you buy something, your wife will put a big sticker to remind you to use it! LOL.


    • Hello and A Big Thank You.  lol  … yes.. there a lot of things my wife has to remind me about… she is Awesome!  She is a personal trainer and has really been helpful with making sure I stay on the right track.  It is a win win though… we help one another…and that is what it is all about.  I hope you will look into getting a pair of glasses with blue light protection….you will really see and feel the difference… you can even find them a little cheaper … but really not much than the least expensive ones we recommended…because you get two pair for the price…but i have seen them as low as maybe 10 dollars…but we researched for the best reviewed..and least unfavorable ratings.  Stay Safe and Be Well.

  3. Wow, this is really fascinating. I had never really thought about blue light, in relation to staring at a computer screen. Not surprisingly then, I didn’t know computer glasses were a thing, with or without blue light protection. I spend a lot of time in front of a screen and it is wearing on the eyes. Now that I know there’s something to help with that, I can do something about it. Thanks!

    • Hello Randy!  Thank you for sharing and commenting.  It is the artificial nature of the blue light we are exposed to that is predictably harmful… since this whole world shutdown..i spend hours on the computer working at doing just like this right now…and I have felt the difference… both with not using and then using the glasses with blue light protection… reducing the amount of over exposure or stimuli of blue light i suppose…is a good thing to do.  Stay safe and Be Well.  

  4. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for writing your article about blue light.  I had no idea that there were different kinds of blue light, and I needed glasses to filter out the bad blue light.

    Does blue light affect our levels of Adenosine?  I understand that Adenosine levels rise closer to bed time just like Melatonin.  Unless we chug coffee.

    Thanks once again!


    • Hello Michael.  Thank you for the encouraging comment.  I actually needed to go and search out an answer to your question… so forgive me if I am wrong…but here is my understanding.  Adenosine is not affected by any light…whereas melatonin is very sensitive and susceptible to light..  this is why we tend to wake up with any light source in the morning… and whereas Adenosine is something that builds up in the body… and is affected as you mentioned by inhibit its ability to cause sleepiness.  The whole process is pretty fascinating…and the other thing that I did not mention in the article is very important also..(and I need to practice this more conistently)…is remove any artificial light sources from your room at night… even the slightest light source can disrupt our rhythm… Hope that helps…best advice is start with glasses with blue light protection…and reduce the amount of over exposure.

  5. I have long heard of the ill effects of blue light on our sleep patterns. It’s one of the reasons I try to stay off of technology before I go to bed, however that’s not always how it works out. These look like they would be really helpful. It’s nice to know that they aren’t too expensive either! Of the three pairs that you selected, do you have a preference as to which one is the best? Thanks for the post!

    • Thank you Steve.  I appreciate your comments and technology tip… even though I agree it is tough to stay off at night when there is so much work to do.  About your question…it is really a matter of preference…but I do like the middle choice because of the multifocal benefit…and I also like the least expensive for the spring hinge and amber lens (supposedly from a place i read…the amber is a good choice)….but they do not have any mangification features.., and that would be a problem for me possibly…  so it depends on if you use reading glasses or not with that scenario.  I hope that helps?  If you would like to know more, there are a lot of review and questions asked in the product descriptions.  Stay Safe and Be Well.

  6. First of all, great job with the page I like the looks and the way is organized.

    About the your review, I thought it was awesome, as some one who wears glasses and spend a lot of time in front of the screen, I get the point and understand the reasons behind your post. People underestimate the damages of the blue light and how much help having glasses that filter that light can do, this light not only affects sleep patterns (circadian rhythm) but it can cause eye sight problems. I hope your post reach a lot more people. Also, great job with the writing of you post, due to the nature of the post it could have been a “brick” of text, but the way you wrote it, made it a lot easier and much more interesting to read, again great job.

    • Hello Juan.  Thank you, I really appreciate you for the feedback and comments.  I also use reading glasses, and I am glad the recommendations also cover glasses with and without magnification.  Stay safe and Be Well.

  7. I seriously need one as my laptop screen light has been working on my eyes for some time now and the effects are begin to take over i have abandoned it till i get a solution and i think a blue ligth protection glass would be ok for me thanks alot for sharing.

    • Hello my Friend.  We may have to work from our computers a lot ..and there is no better time than now to start protecting your eyes.  There are 3 recommendations.. and the least expensive option is actually two pair for the 20 dollars…so that is a good deal…. unless you need magnified reading glasses…then the mid level or higher priced one is better.  Also…the amber colored lens is supposed to be very effective…and if you have not seen the video I just added to the post…it is a demonstrated test showing the effects of Blue light.  Stay Safe and Be Well.  Come back and visit us anytime.

  8. Hello,

    I can see you are putting in what it takes to produce such a high-quality article. I am very thankful for the work of your hand.

    As a blogger as well as a software engineer, I spend a lot of hours in front of a Laptop computer. I started getting some problems a week back but my doctors told me it’s all about the blue lights.

    It’s really nice that this post has mentioned all that I wanted to know about.

    Thank you very much, keep posting important blogs!

    • Greetings my Friend.  This information could not be more timely then. I really appreciate your kind remarks.  I just added another video to the post and it is a test of what happens when blue light is blocked by the special lens of the glasses and what is happening when it is not…. so if you get a chance scroll to the end of the post and check it out.  I hope you find our recommendations suitable for your needs.  We searched for a long while to find the very best choices.  Stay Safe and Be Well.

  9. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me..I have been using glasses with blue light protection but after some time it got broken and I haven’t had time to get another but after reading I would definitely be one of these.

    • Greetings Friend.  Thank you for sharing your experience and comments.  I hope you will find the recommendations we made helpful.  

  10. Great information pertinent to the present situation.  We are on the screen hours per day right now like the rest of the world, as I imagine.  Yesterday, actually late in the evening I looked up, took off my reading glasses and the world was blury and weary was my mood.  

    I just searched to see your offer below.  Ifnyone needs blue protection right now it’s me, after my experience last night.  

    My story aside, your post grabs attention, especially right now.  The contend is well written with good images in place.  Readers will benefit from what you have shared in your post.  I venture to say you will sell some of these glasses today with this very timely and well presented offering post.

    I think you’ve done a good job here.  CQ

    • Greetings Friend!  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I hope you have all the information you need to make an informed choice now.  I appreciate your encouraging remarks.  

  11. Haha, this is funny, as I do have some blue light glasses that I received as a gift and haven’t actually used them yet. I should at least test them out for a bit! My eyes have always been a bit sensitive to light, so I’ve been using software to remove blue light as the sun sets each day. There is a version / app for both my computers and for my phone and it does seem to help with eye strain late in the day. Still, thanks for the reminder that I should try out my blue light filter glasses!! 🙂

    • Greetings Aly!  Thank you for sharing your story!  Good stuff.  Sounds like you have everything you need.  

  12. it is really a good thing finally accessing such review as this that you have shared. To be honest, I must say that what you have shared here is invaluable to know for me here. Thumbs up to you for sharing such a post here. Also, I never knew these are hazardous to our health in general. Thanks for providing how to curb its measures

    • Greetings Emman!  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I hope you will be able to use the information and protect your health.

  13. I have to say, sheepishly, that I have only found out about ‘blue light’ in the last couple or three months. Unlike you, I did nothing about it and had completely forgotten about it, altogether. Now I have no excuse not to do something about it.

    Back in the eighties, there used to be lots of people, up in arms about something that was given off from the computer screen. One company I worked for, had filter screens put on all of the computers. Back then, everything was green though.

    This is something I need to take more seriously, as I can average five or more hours on  my computer, each and every day. That can’t be good. I would just put the irritability down to being tired and not much else. Now I know different. I wear glasses when I am at my computer, which do help a great deal but I wouldn’t imagine they have anything that will stop the blue light from hitting my eyes. Time to invest in some proper protection, I think. Thank you for this reminder.

    • Greetings Friend!  My pleasure!  I am glad you found the information helpful.  I hope you are able to now make a more informed choice.

  14. I have seen some people covering their computers or laptops with blue colored screens. I have always wondered whether such screens have been fixed there after advice from opticians. Your review simplifies long-term computer users like me to become aware of side effects if we do not make use of blue glasses. I think it is high time I consulted an optician about it.

    Thank you for your valuable info.

    • Greetings Joseph.  I have heard of people opting to do that also.  But then I suppose you would need to take it off when you wanted to watch something with greater depth and detail…such as a movie etc.?  That might be a little bit of a nuisance?  The glasses are as much a simple solution as they are effective.  Great point though..Thank you.

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