How to Create Landing Pages for Free: Complete AWeber Review

Introducing AWeber

If you have heard about AWeber email marketing services, then you may have also heard about the new landing page builder. If not, then you are going to really enjoy the information being shared here.  In this review I will show you how to create landing pages for free as part of your AWeber experience.

AWeber has been on a mission to empower small businesses with the ability to create emails they love since 1998. AWeber focuses on six core values to ensure all customers are supported, well-informed, and provided access to AWesome tools for achieving email campaign success.

I have meant to write a review about the AWeber email marketing service for some time.  Because of my general interest in email marketing, many of my searches have been inviting me to learn more about AWeber.  After learning that AWeber had recently added the landing page builder as a new feature, I could not put off writing about it any longer.

I could see this landing page builder was going to be a really big deal, and game changer for the platform. 

Although AWeber is a full-service email marketing platform, this review is focused only on the landing page feature that is a new free benefit for subscribers.

So, I decided to sign up for the 30-day free trial.  Check it out for yourself here.

A core value of AWeber is education, and when I first learned about the landing page builder, I was very interested. I am already familiar with Clickfunnels, and knew about landing pages, but the was something fresh about what AWeber was doing.

Since there has been a lot of noticeable buzz about building landing pages, and one-page websites, I decided to do some research about the AWeber offer, and share what I learned with you.

This way you will know what AWeber is available with the landing page builder, and be able to make an informed choice for yourself.

So, if you are interested in learning how to create landing pages for free, AWeber has you covered.

AWeber Overview

Name: AWeber

Website: Aweber.Com

Price: Free 30-Day Trial – Custom Plans

Owners: CEO / Founder Tom Kulzer

Overall Rank: 92 out of 100

AWeber Landing Page Builder Review

The COVID19 crisis has shown us that there is a need to develop better ways of connecting with audiences online. Creating valuable online content that connects and engages with all audiences, must become an important priority.

But how do you do that?

AWeber has developed a landing page builder solution that allows anyone to easily create enticing content for the audiences. Using the many free features AWeber provides, all landing page designs will look like they were developed by experts.

Here are some AWesome features you will have free access to.

  • Fully Integrated with AWeber (lists, email automation, and more)
  • Pre designed templates
  • Add a video
  • Over 6000+ stock image gallery
  • Drag-and-drop technology
  • Easily import your own images
  • Change text, font, color, and more
  • Mobile ready with preview
  • Shareble URL link (No Website required)
  • Auto tag subscribers
  • Add Google and Facebook pixels

Sounds awesome right? If you have ever used Clickfunnels, … it has that kind of feel to me.

Check out this full walk thru of the landing page builder in action. It is about 20 minutes long.

Simply put. The AWeber landing page builder offers users a fresh way of taking the email marketing to a new level. Build everything from within the AWeber platform, and you will create beautiful landing pages like the one featured here.

The AWeber landing page builder provides an uncomplicated solution with elegance. Simplicity of design allows users to promote the products, services, events, or just help establish the brand presence online.

This is just an example of what you could produce for yourself.

  • Video Promo
  • Background Color
  • Text
  • Email Optin (Auto tag and add to a list)
  • Links to other online assets
  • Unique AWeber URL (No need for a website)

Sure… but what about mobile?

Without any extra effort, AWeber will make sure any landing pages are customized to be mobile friendly.

The best part of all these feature with AWeber?

Everything is included with your subscription at no additional cost, and you can try it out for a free 30 day trial.

Without having to build landing pages on other applications, you will save a lot of money too.  AWeber claims that a website is not even necessary in order to promote the landing pages you create. Just share the provided AWeber provided URL.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Free 30 day trial available
  • Unlimited landing pages at no additional cost
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Mobile friendly
  • Add video to the landing page
  • No coding skills required

The Bad:

Responsive Landing Page Templates

Who Needs the AWeber Landing Page Builder

It is time to let your creativity flow. If you are looking to connect and engage with your audiences, then this simple and unique landing page builder is for you.

Are you someone who needs to build a list?

  • Connect with your audience quickly
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Premiere a product or service
  • Promote a newsletter
  • Promote an event
  • Promote an incentive or giveaway
  • Share important information

These are just some ways the AWeber landing page builder is right for your business.

Tools & Training

As previously mentioned, the core values of AWeber provide a culture of developing tools and training to ensure the customers have success. The AWeber online resource center is where you will easily find a step by step guide for building landing pages, and other helpful training materials.  They also have a YouTube channel providing guidance on a variety of subjects.

With AWeber you will not run short of tools and training opportunities.

AWeber Support

As I was researching about AWeber, the support always received the highest approval ratings. This speaks well to the level of service you can expect from them. Their response time was very swift when I reached out to them with a question.

You are going to love it

The first core value of AWeber is to create experiences customers will love. That about sums up the AWeber support experience.

AWeber Price Tag

Price only matters when price only matters. With everything that AWeber provides, there is a lot more than price to consider.  The 30-day free trial will allow you to experience all the benefits as if you were already a paying member, and then you will be able to decide if AWeber is a sound investment for your business.

This really takes the stress out of the “buying process” for me.

Having said that.

Let me go over the actual prices with you really quick. You will also be able to learn more about all the coverage, features, and options by following my links to the page.

There you will also find out how easy it is to navigate through AWeber

After the 30-day free trial, the basic plan is only $19 dollars a month, and covers you up to 500 subscribers.

Not bad really. Very reasonable for all that you have available.

Now, if you already have a huge list of subscribers, or if you think you will have more than 500 subscribers right right away, then you will want the $29 dollar plan for up to 2500 subscribers.  In total, including the custom-built plan for 25000+ subscribers, there are actually six different options.

This includes the two I already mentioned. If you would like to learn more, just follow my link here to get started, and be sure and start your 30 day trial for free.

AWeber Final Glance…

Name: AWeber


Owners: CEO / Founder Tom Kulzer

Price: Free 30-day trial (Then monthly $19 – $149)

Overall Scam Rank: 92 out of 100

VERDICT: This is a totally legitimate offer

Final Thoughts – AWeber Landing Page Builder

With AWeber offering a 30-day Free trial, there is really no downside to your experience. If you say yes, and find that the platform is not for you, then you easily cancel and try something else.

Here is the thing.

AWeber has been around a long time and withstood the test of time. That should say something about the service right there. You should also take comfort in the fact that they have stayed in business all this time because they have NOT taken advantage of people.

So if you are not satisfied with the platform, just contact the world class support, and request to cancel your intention of going forward
with any of the paid services.

You will not encounter any problem terminating your subscription.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.

Please leave any feedback, comments, or questions down below. I typically respond very quickly, and I would love to help you in any way possible. Thank you for spending the time to read this review.

If you are keeping your options open, and would like to know about other free learning experiences.

I would like to show you a way to create long term passive income.

Click here and check out my article about a unique affiliate marketing training platform.

16 thoughts on “How to Create Landing Pages for Free: Complete AWeber Review

  1. really informative post here about aweber.  I like that they have the free trial.  I am still amazed by how many different companies do not have free trials.  Free trials scream that this is something the company believes in and knows you will find beneficial.  I also love that they offer the 6,000 stock images.  It is so hard to use images on google wikimedia commons.  You do not always get what you search for.    Thank you for the information on this platform.

    • Thank you Eric!  I appreciate your sharing your thoughts.  Check out the AWeber About page and you will see Love is one of their favorite core values… they love creating experiences people will love.  I agree with you about the image library…it is really a huge benefit to have it readily available..just upload and go.  This review only covered about the AWeber landing page builder feature … they really have so much more to offer…all for that one price…after the 30 day free trial.  I would recommend checking out the 20 minute landing page training from this post… it will really help round out your understanding of what you can create.

  2. Awesome article! I’ve been looking for way to learn about landing pages. There’s so much information online, making it difficult to tell which is providing you genuine content.

    By your writing I can tell that you know your stuff. I’ll be checking out the video you added for a much more comprehensive understanding of Aweber.

    Thank you for this.

    • Greetings Friend!  Thank you for the encouraging remarks.  Landing pages are really hot – they just simplify how we attract, connect, and engage with our visitors.  After you check out the video, let me know what you think.  I really enjoyed learning from watching it myself.  AWeber is a reputable company…they call themselves the original auto-responder creators.  You will be able to learn a lot from their free content even if you do not become their customer … but after you experience their training and support.. you will take another look.  Enjoy. 

  3. How to Create Landing Pages for Free via EWeber sounds like an interesting service that may be useful to me or my colleagues with our small businesses who are too busy to conduct email marketing on our own.  We have our businesses to run so this service that you describe could be ideal for us. Its terrific that you have taken the 30 day trial. To be honest, I am always sceptical when I see the phrase “30 day free trial”.  The list of benefits you describe is helpful. But, where is the catch I am thinking. Those 30 days tend to fly by and as you say, the not so good is that it is no longer free after 30 days, even with the benefits you have highlighted. Ok, I now see the price tag, which seems reasonable.  Its really helpful. However, your link at the bottom to the other Affiliate Marketing site, does I think look more attractive.   Thank you for the review and the assessment.

    • Trevor – Thank you for sharing your feedback on the AWeber landing page builder.  I know what you mean… I have signed up for free trials and then forgotten about them.  The cool thing about AWeber, unlike those other free trial offers, is that you would most likely be using the platform, and creating so much value and ROI that you would not want to cancel anyway.  I also agree with you about the free affiliate marketing training linked down at the bottom of this article .. through that same free training I learned about affiliate marketing myself.  It really is worth checking well as the AWeber free trial offer.  Let me know what you decide to do…Happy to help you out.    

  4. Thank you for sharing this informative article about How to Create Landing Pages for Free: Complete AWeber Review. I enjoyed reading your article very much it caught my eyes as yesterday one of the members here at WA asked to be helped regarding creating a landing page and no one answered him, l myself did not know what it was until l read through your review and it will be very helpful for me to know more about it. I have bookmarked your article to go back again as l need to learn as this might come in hand for me in the near future. I will share it with my referrals. Great review.

    Wishing you all the success! 

  5. I’ve been hoping to find more info about aweber as i’ve been hearing a lot about it lately and had some questions. Thanks for walking me through the basics of the program. it’s great to see that it’s got a fairly high rating and some of the features that are included. Seems like it’s time to jump in and test it out with the free trial offer!

  6. Wow….. This is really important and informative and the 30 days trail is awesome, in this way most people will be interested, this is a good way to get people in your site, most site should be using this approach, am interested and will like to try it out… Thanks for sharing this information, it’s really cool.

  7. Coming across your post on AWeber landing pages was very timely. I am about to start building an Email list through my website and was wondering what would be the best way to do this. I first came across AWeber in 1998 when my sponsor in an MLM program introduced me to the AWeber Email management and autoresponder system. I subscribed for a few years and used it often. I stopped being active in  that MLM company and also using AWeber since 2005. 

    Now that AWeber offers a free landing page feature with their paid autoresponder system it is time for me to join them again. I watched the video. In places it went too fast for me. I will be bookmarking this site and returning to look at it again. 

    I do have a few questions.

    Can I collect phone numbers as well as Email addresses in a landing page? 

    Can I assume that the data collected will be sent automatically to one of my marketing campaigns in AWeber? 

    How many marketing campaigns does the basic subscription permit?

    Can I integrate the landing page within my blog post? 

    Pardon my ignorance as this is all new to me. Thanks for taking the time to respond. 


    P.S. I briefly checked out your AffiliateHarvester website and thought it was very well done. 

    • Geetings Edwin!  Thank you for sharing your experience with AWeber, and your encouraging comments.  I will do my best with answering your questions.  First, let me recommend either checking out the AWeber Knowledge Base in the menu of their homepage…or even better… 

      Signing up for the next live event  April 7 2PM ET 

      Providing step by step guidance for how to build your landing pages…. I think this is going to be the best resource for you and here is the link to sign up for the webinar being held April 7 2PM ET   

      Now, Let me answer your questions –
      Phone numbers –  I am not sure about the phone numbers.  I believe these landing pages are meant to capture basic name and email information.  They will probably cover this in the webinar.

      Data Collected – Yes! the landing pages are Fully Integrated with AWeber.. you can autotag prospects and also have them entered into a list when they enter information on your landing page.  

      Marketing Campaigns –  I am not aware of any limitations.  I believe you would have unlimited access.  The AWeber pricing guide shows the same features available to all subscriber levels.  

      Integration with Blog Post – Yes and No .  Meaning, they currently do not have a way to embed the landing page on your WordPress site…but a unique AWeber URL is given for each landing page that you can use on your blog post to send traffic to the landing page.  

      Their website forum comments say they are aware of the interest for some additional features, and are continuing to add benefits.  One of the ways they responded was by adding the ability for videos in the landing pages.

      I hope these answers help with your decision Edwin.  My best advice is to sign up for the Live Webinar.

  8. Thanks for the write-up, Patrick. I wasn’t even aware they offered a landing page builder. It’s nice to know what it offers, and the fact that they have a 30 day free trial. I’ll have to check it out.

    Do you know if everything stops working after 30 days? Just curious. 30 days should be a trail, to find out if it’s for you, but that information would be nice to know going in.

    Thanks again for a good write-up.

    • Hey Steve! Thank you for the kind remarks. That is one thing about the AWeber platform…. they do not offer anything Free after the 30 day Trial. 30 days does give you a lot of time to see if the services are going to work for you. My best suggestion for anyone considering signing up is to have a plan in place… the time will pass by quickly and if you have not thought ahead of what you will do to test it all out… then you may end up thinking there is not enough value from the results. Also, I would check out and learn about the platform, and go through the free trainings, YouTube channel before signing up…so you have a better idea of how to navigate everything. Hope these ideas help.

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