How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

Welcome! If you found your way to this post, I know you did not arrive here on accident. You came here with a purpose, and you are probably anxiously waiting to have your question answered.

So, let me guess what your question was. Were you searching about how to learn affiliate marketing for free?

I feel pretty confident that you are here to learn. Am I right?  Well, I hope so, because that is what I have written about in this post.

After I give you an introduction to affiliate marketing, and what you will be needing to learn, I will provide you with a couple of ways to access some in depth free training.  One of them will help you build a website in less than an hour.

Fair enough?

OK Great! Keep reading through this article and you will find links at the end, taking you to where you need to go next.

First Learn What Affiliate Marketing IS

The goal of affiliate marketing is not the same as what affiliate marketing is. Earning a passive income by leveraging the power of the internet from your valuable content is a goal. Affiliate marketing is much more than that. At least it is to me.

Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to serve.

Think about this as someone who has decided to train, and become part of an elite special forces group. They volunteer for this duty with a mindset to serve, and become the best version of themselves.

A little over the top? I know that sounds serious, right?

Well my friend, you will need this kind of focus to succeed in affiliate marketing. I am not going to lie. You will want to give up at times, and maybe wonder why you even started this journey.

Here is the truth. Your why has to be a strong enough reason to keep you focused and on course.

Do you really want to know why some have success in affiliate marketing and many do not? It is NOT because they could not find out how to learn about affiliate marketing for free.

It is because those who have succeeded did not allow themselves to give up. This is not going to be an easy, get-rich-quick scheme. This is going to take some time to develop … maybe months, or even more than a year. You will have a chance to decide if it is worth it once you dig into some free affiliate marketing training.

Remember, I have some links available at the end of this article.

If your motivation is only about making fast money, I would rather you know up front … you are not going to make it into the elite special forces group of successful affiliate marketers.

Understand Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about creatively producing specialized content that connects people to the solutions that solve their problem. Basically, this is what affiliate marketing is, but it also is much deeper than that too.

As perhaps a simpler example, let me try to explain my understanding of affiliate marketing another way.

Think about your favorite …. anything.

Sharing about your favorite things comes up easily in regular conversations right?

When you share about it, everyone can tell you are passionate about your favorite thing too. There is a good chance they might even decide to go out and try some of your favorite thing for themselves.

I mean … hey…if it makes you feel that good… And they want to feel good...or better too…. maybe trying your favorite thing will work for them also.

This is the kind of thinking in them your passion creates.

Think about when someone has shared their favorite thing with you … haven’t you had similar thoughts?

They say something likeYou HAVE to try this new restaurant … the food tastes incredible … customer service was the best we have ever experienced … prices were really reasonable … And the atmosphere made you feel like it was fine dining.

I don’t know about you, but I would be asking for the name of the place and how to get there. I am hungry just thinking about it!

Here is the big difference between just sharing YOUR favorite anythings and Elite Affiliate Marketers. …. Nobody is paying you to share the favorite anythings that you are so passionate about.

Here is what is the same for both just sharing about your favorite anythings and affiliate marketing … conveying your passion.

Affiliate marketing is all about sharing your passion with others.

Sure, there will always be those that are focused on the money only, but that is not what we are talking about here. Create content from a niche you are already passionate about, and you are guaranteed success.

I will also promise you this final thought. I am going to share with you how to get started learning about affiliate marketing for free.

here is how you need to begin.

Basics for Learning Affiliate Marketing

  • Choose a niche
  • Build a website
  • Create awesome content
  • Attract the right visitors
  • Earn revenue

Connect With Your Passion

In the affiliate marketing world, another name for this first step is called picking your niche. I like to describe this as the place where you connect with your passion. Think about my example earlier. If you are not passionate about sharing a topic, you are going to come across as dry and boring.

Do I sound boring? Don’t answer that. Let’s move on.

One of my favorite personal development teachers is Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have a website where much of my content is inspired from what I learned by listening to countless hours of his teachings.

Now he was not an affiliate marketing guru, but he did know something that is just as important. A secret for becoming an elite affiliate marketer, or any person you desire.

He had a saying that has helped me in many ways, but also is a clear picture of the importance of choosing a niche you are passionate about.

He said “Don’t die with your music (stories/talents) still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.”

Once you have chosen the right niche for your passion, it is time to learn about wordpress.

You Will Need a Website

I remember first searching Google about building a website. I kept seeing results with information about WordPress. I had no clue what it was all about.

Well, free affiliate marketing training helped fix that.

In order to connect visitors to your valuable content, and affiliate links, you are going to need traffic, and that also means there must be a destination for people to go. This means you must have a website.

I can hear you saying, … “yeah I get it. duh, pretty basic concept”, …

OK… Now what?

Don’t worry. I am not going to leave you hanging here. I have a solution for you. Not only to just get started learning about affiliate marketing for free, but also step by step website building, that includes hosting and everything else you need.

So just hang on!

You Need to Create Awesome Content

In my opinion, this is probably going to be the most challenging part of your affiliate marketing journey. This is also where you will grow and develop the most as you do not allow yourself to quit.

Creating valuable content is the most important piece of the puzzle, and is where many would be affiliate marketers drop out.

This is where passion must become the driver of the content you produce.

Without valuable content you end up with a bunch of things you cannot do.

  • Rank in Google
  • Attract Visitors
  • Engage Visitors
  • Connect with Visitors
  • Offer Affiliate links
  • Earn Revenue

Anyone can paste a link all over the place, but you will have to learn the skill of connecting valuable content with people who are looking for answers your content solves.

Isn’t that why you are reading this now? You are looking to learn about affiliate marketing for free.

Here is a word you may have, or may not have heard before…it is called value proposition.

Basically, value proposition is about the promise of presenting the right content to those who have a desire to engage with it.

You will continually learn new ways of interacting, and expressing your value proposition.

Creating valuable content with the right SEO, leads to generating the right organic traffic. These are the people who desire to connect with your website content. and learn about how you are going to solve their problems.

Another favorite mentor of mine is Jim Rohn. Something I heard him say may also help you, What he said continues to help me stay true to my purpose when times are tough.

You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want out of life.” Jim Rohn

Stay tuned… I have an answer for you that will provide a one stop shop affiliate marketing learning to experience for free.

You Have to Attract Visitors

I know this is already becoming a lot to absorb, and you have not really even begun with the free training yet. Let me keep this section very simple and to the point.

Attracting visitors is not about your content, because they have not engaged with it yet. Attracting visitors is about knowing the right way to bring them to your website.

This is something you will learn in great detail from either of the two places I am going to refer you to check out.

Almost there!

You Will Earn Revenue

And then they cried ABBA!

Money.. Money … Money. (little tribute to an awesome rock band)

So, here is the cool part. You get to keep the earnings from those people you have engaged with through your content, and then linked them to a solution.


Of course, this is after putting in a lot of effort. The best part is that you will keep getting better, and making the money will become easier, and easier.

What You Should Do Next

I have shared some introductory insights, and you have learned some basics about affiliate marketing.

The thing is that you probably would like to know how to get started with taking action with some free step by step guidance. So you can begin to apply some of what you have learned here.

Fortunately, I have a couple options that will work perfectly for you.

The place I began to learn was a free affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. You only need an email address to join, and no credit card is required. You will have access to incredible training, and tools for building your website.

You will also not have to go it alone. As soon as you sign up, I will be notified, and available to help you with getting answers to any of your questions.

Kyle, your Wealthy Affiliate trainer, will also reach out to right away, and help you get started with the training. I look forward to connecting with you inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can find out how to sign up for Free right now… Just click here.

Wealthy Affiliate is going to be my favorite referral, but I also would like to be fair and show you another place you can get started with some incredible free affiliate marketing training also. \

You can never have too much free training right?

Now I will not be available to help guide you on this other platform, but you will be able to join for free and find lots of guidance through videos etc.

You can join for free by just Clicking here.

                                                                                                     If you decide to follow my recommendation, be sure to connect with me on Wealthy Affiliate!

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6 thoughts on “How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

  1. Hi Patrick, thank you for this blog. I feel very educated again on the topic of making money online even though I have been in online marketing for some time already. According to your experience, what is the best way to teach patience for any body new to internet marketing?

    • Greetings Sir! Your comment is encouraging and much appreciated.  Thank you for also asking such an important question!  I have to admit, this is an easy question to answer, but a difficult one to practice.  Just ask my wife .. I can be so impatient at times.  I learned the truth about patience from listening to something I heard from Dr. Dyer – It goes like this … “infinite patience produces immediate results.”  The paradox implies a sense of certainty for the outcome.  I write a lot about these type of topics, and developing our mindset, at my other website  I hope you enjoy the content!

  2. I have learned a new way to look at affiliate marketing, as an opportunity to serve. That makes a lot of sense because many people who fail start affiliate marketing business with a wrong attitude. And from the onset, their mindset is fixed on making money and throwing ads everywhere. I wish I had read your post earlier to avoid the mistakes I’ve done while chasing my affiliate marketing dream.

    • Greetings my friend!  Boom!  You pretty much nailed it right there.  Thank you for providing such excellent feedback.  Having a mindset for service provides us with an opportunity to achieve a higher purpose.  When we focus on helping others,”our Why,” becomes a very strong reason indeed.  Remember that we can never fail as long as we never give up, and to view any sense of failures as really just results that have provided us the data necessary to shift our direction if needed.  Stay the course and have great success!

  3. Its never that easy being an affiliate marketer, but if you take time in creating content that is really helpful to the society the process of you being a successful affiliate marketer are enhanced or increased. Many of us all had that idea of creating fast money but the process of being a successful marketer requires time, hard work and focus. Through research before you publish any content on your website.

    • Hello!  Thank you for sharing your experience with affiliate marketing.  You have presented an excellent description for developing the right affiliate marketing mindset.  I have always enjoyed something Jim Rohn said about achieving one’s goals “What is easy to do is just as easy not to do.”  Although, as you mentioned, affiliate marketing is never that easy, it is possible to achieve your goals over time.  This means consistently doing a little something over time increases your sense of certainty for success, (like consistently creating valuable content).  

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